Attorney John Bassie resigned as a President of JAMBAR. (Picture courtesy- Google)

Attorney John Bassie resigns as a Head of Jamaican Bar Association

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Jamaica: Attorney John Bassie resigned as a Head of the Jamaican Bar Association (JAMBAR) following an impeachment drawn against him by the disciplinary panel of the General Legal Council (GLC).

Reportedly, he was convicted of professional misconduct regarding a probate matter. Apparently, John Bassie denied all the allegations against him.

The nature of the disciplinary case is ambiguous, and a final hearing on the sanction is yet to come in December.

The case of impeachment came into the limelight on Saturday when the Jamaican Bar Association (JAMBAR) revealed that the council had accepted the resignation of Bassie from his post on Friday.

General Legal Council focuses on maintaining the ethics of the legal profession to which all attorneys should be responsible. It plays a crucial role in the enrollment of attorneys in various courts in the islands of Jamaica.

It provides a compensation fund to compensate persons for losses suffered as a consequence of any act by attorneys.

Statement given by JAMBAR:

Jamaican Bar Association released a statement on Saturday where they thanked Bassie for his years of contribution, firstly, as a member of the council in various executive positions and, most evidently, as a President of JAMBAR.

Furthermore, they made sure that the vacancy of President would be filled at the appropriate time in accordance with its Articles of Incorporation.

Tenure of John Bassie:

John Bassie was elected the President of the Jamaican Bar Association in July 2023. Before him, Attorney Alexander Williams served as the President of JAMBAR for one term.

Bassie is also the global President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, a professional body and a global membership dedicated to successful dispute resolution with a worldwide membership of over 150 jurisdictions.

Bassie is the current Chairperson of the Dispute Resolution Foundation of Jamaica, which is one of the oldest ADR Organizations in the Caribbean region.

About John Bassie:

John Bassie is a Barrister-at-law and Attorney-at-law by profession. He was a student at the Calabar High School. Before taking an oath to its presidential designation of JAMBAR, he worked in a Blue-Chip Corporation as Corporate Director of Management Accountant in Europe, Asia and North America.

He formerly served as the Treasurer of the Jamaican Bar Association. He focused his attention on the growth of the Commonwealth Lawyers Association.

He is a certified arbitrator of the Supreme Court of the State of Florida and the Supreme Court of Jamaica.