Rolston Joseph found dead in his car. Picture Credits: Facebook account

Antigua and Barbuda records 9th murder as man is found dead in car

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A man was found dead in his car near Old Parham Road, close to the T.N. Kirnon School and the Antigua Grammar School, Antigua and Barbuda, on Thursday, 2 November 2023.

The victim has been identified as Rolston Joseph, a boat operator and fisherman.

Rolston Joseph’s case is the ninth murder in Antigua and Barbuda, in the short span of one year.

As per the reports, the lifeless body of Rolston Joseph was covered in a red and white T-shirt. He was found lying inside a white vehicle with the registration number A 27771.

Police officials stated that the man appeared to have been shot multiple times.

According to the reports, it seemed like the vehicle had been fired upon and had some serious front-end damage. The hood was dented and the rear bumper was ripped off.

The car had many scratches all over the body work and the speculation is that the victim caused the damage while driving through a fence in the area of the T.N. Kirnon School on Old Parham Road.

It was assumed that the man was trying to get away from the culprits as he was leaning on the passenger side; his right leg was on the driver’s seat and his head was tilted towards the floor of the vehicle.

One door of the car was open and had some scratches and damage on it. Eye witnesses who were at the crime spot revealed that he was bleeding profusely.

Moreover, the family members and friends of Joseph expressed their grief and took to social media to ask for justice.

One of the family members of Joseph wrote on Facebook that the mother’s heart is broken today as she lost her firstborn son; he also added that gun violence has penetrated his family.

Only those who have experienced such a tragedy can feel the mother’s pain. He also requested to keep his mother and his family in their prayers.

Furthermore, Joseph’s friends asked for justice stating that the truth must prevail. He wrote that his friend didn’t deserve the death he got, as he was gunned down and left lying on the street like a dog. He asked the residents of Antigua to wake up and speak up against such dangerous incidents.

Another person emphasized the fact that Antigua and Barbuda is getting converted from a beautiful place to a dangerous war zone. He made a sincere request to the youngsters of the nation to drop their guns and warned them that this gangster life will not get them far.