Antigua and Barbuda PM Browne tests positive for COVID-19, currently doing well

Antigua and Barbuda PM Browne tests positive for COVID-19, currently doing well

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Antigua and Barbuda: Prime Minister Gaston Browne has tested positive for the deadly virus – SARS-CoV 2. The reports claim that the PM has been showing mild symptoms and is doing fine.

PM Browne made the announcement during his weekly show. PM tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday and took a confirmation test on Saturday, in which he again tested positive.

He informed that the medical staff had continuously monitored him. His family members immediately took the test and tested negative for the virus. As per the statement by PM Browne, he may have contracted the disease during his recent business tour.

He outlined, “I believe that I have been exposed to the virus during my business trip. Within last week, I travelled to Barbuda and then to the Bahamas, following to a trip to Miami”.

He further explained that he might be contracted the virus during dinner at a restaurant. He outlined, “Perhaps my exposure occurred when I removed my mask to dine at a restaurant, if not in Barbuda, then in Miami.”

COVID-19 is a threat to the whole world, and many people worldwide have lost their lives because of it same, but Browne stated that it’s just a “matter of days”, and he is feeling as strong as earlier.

Browne mentioned, “I am experiencing little congestion, I’m in good health; my oxygen levels are normal. I am in good health. I haven’t lost my appetite or sense of taste. I’m not suffering from a headache or a fever. I feel exactly as strong.”

Prime Minister has stated that he will continue his work remotely until he gets a clean chit.

PM Browne has received a booster dose. He received the Moderna shot vaccine weeks before it was made available for the general public; he was heavily criticized for this act.