Antigua: 3-year-old, rescued from a cistern, boy dies

Antigua: 3-year-old boy, rescued from a cistern, dies

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Antigua and Barbuda: A three-year-old boy rescued from a cistern in Cassada Gardens has died 24 hours after a coordinated effort by his family, Emergency Medical Services and the Hospital, which also provided hope of miraculous recovery on April 18, 2022 (Sunday).

The baby took his last breath in Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre after suffering from multiple seizures and many other complications. He was seeking treatment in the Intensive Care Unit of the Medical Centre. The demise of the toddler has left a pall of grief over his family and community.

As per the reports, the baby was spotted by his family in the cistern on Easter Sunday after a panicky search as he was not seen for a while.

After arriving at the hospital, within five (5) minutes, the medical staff began to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation, a procedure continued by a team from the Emergency Medical Service.

Later, he was revived and admitted to the hospital in critical condition, but with the passage of time, his condition deteriorated.

Emergency Medical Technicians, led by Courtney Kellman, continued CPR while rushing the boy to the hospital. They also employed advanced interventions, including the use of an Automated External Defibrillator, AED Greenidge also urging members of the public to learn how to administer CPR, as Sunday’s scenario proves how immensely valuable it is.

The incident left everyone in shock; authorities have also advised parents to take care of their kids and keep them away from cisterns and other things that could be life-threatening.