Int’l Childhood Cancer Day 2022: Common symptoms of cancer in kids

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World: Every year, International Childhood Cancer Day is celebrated on February 15. The day aims to raise awareness about childhood and adolescent cancer and to express support to the youngsters dealing with cancer.

In 2022, the international childhood cancer day will be celebrated under the theme – “Better Survival”.

According to the PAHO-WHO, cancer is one of the leading causes of death among children and adolescents worldwide, as around 280,000 children between 0-19 years are diagnosed with cancer each year.

The health organisations estimated that in Latin America and the Caribbean, at least 29,000 children and adolescents under the age of 19 would be affected by cancer annually. Of these, about 10,000 will die from this disease.

This further notified that in the high-income countries, more than 80 percent of children with cancer are cured, while in low- and middle-income countries, the cure rate is just 20 percent.

The PAHO WHO further urges that the situation of childhood cancer can and should change.

Today, on February 15, to mark the day, here are some signs and symptoms associated with the disease:

According to health experts, it is quite difficult to detect signs and symptoms of cancer in children. This is because the early symptoms are often like much more common illnesses or injuries.

Common symptoms detected in the children are having bumps or bruises.

According to the CDC, cancer is not a common disease among children, but it is important to consult a doctor if they notice any unusual signs and symptoms, including:

  • An unusual lump or swelling
  • Limping
  • Unexplained paleness & loss of energy
  • Frequent headaches, often with vomiting
  • Easy bleeding
  • Sudden eye or vision changes
  • Sudden unexplained weight loss
  • Ongoing pain in a body part
  • Fever and illness for a long period