World Radio Day 2022: Five ideas to celebrate the day

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World: World Radio Day is celebrated on February 13, every year. In 2022, the world will celebrate 11th Radio Day.

The day highlights that radio is a powerful medium, and it remains the most widely consumed medium across the world. Over the past decades, radio has been one of the most trusted and used media. Radio has never failed to provide information and coverage related to the public interest entertainment and also guarantees distance learning.

Now, radio has become a bridge between traditional and modern technology, according to the official site of the United Nations. And now, it offers a variety of content in the form of podcasts, etc.

Radio is affordable and mobile. One can take it anywhere and anytime without any hassle, and it also works when electricity and connectivity are not reliable. After recognising, World Radio Day, UNESCO called to mark the occasion with three sub-themes:

Trust in radio journalism: Produce independent and high-quality content;
Trust and accessibility: Take care of your audience;
Trust and viability of radio stations: Ensure competitiveness.

To mark this day, UNESCO has issued a list of ways to celebrate. Here are a few of them:-

1.) Broadcast a special programme: UNESCO suggested to “create a programme, discussion, or podcast dedicated to the World Radio Day 2022 theme – “Radio and Trust”.

The organisation further shared an example and said that one could broadcast a special programme – “Yes to Radio, Yes to Trust,” on February 13.

2.) Promote ‘trust’ radio: The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation has urged to promote and inspire “Trust Radio”. The organisation asked to give a voice and to use #WorldRadioDay.

3.) Get involved in programmes: Conduct youth programmes, ask youngsters about their trust in radio during the digital age.

4.) Create a quiz: You can test the knowledge of the listeners and increase or check their knowledge about this social media platform.

5.) Act towards the change: Invite local associations to attend discovery sessions on one of your professions and develop ideas with them to better serve the needs of this audience.