Kamla Persad blames Rowley-led govt for covering-up killing of nine-month old migrant baby

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Trinidad and Tobago: The opposition leader Kamla Persad Bissessar has once again raised questions on the ruling government of the nation. She said that the Rowley-led government has been trying to cover up the killing of nine-month-baby Yaelvis Sarabia Santoyo.

The leader of the opposition further mentioned that the government has started to cover up the incident by deporting 18 young children, along with 35 Venezuelan refugees, who witnessed the tragic incident of killing of the baby in his mother’s arm.

Bissessar mentioned, “The move by the Rowley Government to deport the 35 Venezuelan refugees including some 18 young children who were witnesses to the killing of baby Yaelvis Sarabia Santoyo reeks of a State-orchestrated cover-up.”

She further showed concern and stated that the government, with collusion with the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, prompted the deportation of the migrants. She added, “These migrants who were fleeing the terror of the Maduro regime have now been handed over to his military forces.”

Later, she raised the question on Prime Minister Rowley and stated that Rowley’s conversation with the Vice Prime Minister of Venezuelan is concerning amid the rushed deportation.

She added that both regimes, Rowley’s and Maduro’s, have been desperately trying to suppress the killing of the baby by a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard.

“How can there be a transparent and credible investigation into this killing when all the witnesses who were on that vessel save for the child’s mother and her young daughter were deported?” asked Kamla Persad.

She further said that the inquiry was just an act and damage control in the face of the international outrage. Therefore, one may conclude that justice would not have prevailed for the little baby Yaelvis Sarabia Santoyo.

She asked the Prime minister and his government to answer the questions and demanded an urgent inquiry.