Couple was charged for allegedly possessing forged currency in Mayaro.

A couple was booked for possessing forged currency in Mayaro

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: A Mayaro couple was jointly charged with possessing forged currency when they appeared virtually before the Mayaro magistrates’ court on Tuesday, November 14, 2023.

The suspects were identified as 28-year-old Daylon Rambharose, a labourer and 20-year-old Reanna Frontin, both belonging to Stone Bright Village, Mayaro.

Both accused were arrested on Tuesday, November 9, and were later charged on Saturday, following a raid conducted by the officers of the Mayaro CID.

The raid was held between 3 am and 7 am when the officers of the Mayaro CID and personnel were attached to the mounted and canine branch. It was led with an execution of a search warrant by SGT (ag.) Mohammed at the couple’s Mayaro home.

It is to be noted that during the search, the police allegedly seized 19 (nineteen) one-hundred-dollar bills of Trinidad and Tobago currency, which were discovered with similar serial numbers and an unusual texture and appearance.

After getting all the evidence, the suspects were arrested in no time, and they were later charged following enquiries supported by the officers of the financial investigations branch.

Notably, Rambharose was denied bail and is now remanded into custody for tracing, while Frontin was granted $7000 bail.

These kinds of cases affect the economy of any country; however, a suspected forged currency, fake note, counterfeit note or fake note can be identified as they do not possess the characteristics of genuine country’s currency notes.

There is a need to spread knowledge and awareness about these features of fake notes so one can easily identify and differentiate between forged notes and genuine currency.

The circulation of fake currency notes is severely destructive to the economy and hampers the financial regulation of the country. 

The government should periodically improve the security features so that counterfeiters find it hard to copy. Training should be given to the cash handlers on the detection of forged notes.

There is a need to enhance the coordination between the banks and law enforcement agencies.