£800 fine for just going to a party: UK Government

On behalf of UK Government, Priti Patel announces £800 fine on attending house parties from next week.

£800 fine for just going to a party: UK Government
£800 fine for just going to a party: UK Government

United Kingdom: UK Government announces £800 fine on attending house parties from next week.

United Kingdom’s situation is most the worse among other countries. Even then, the people of the nation are not taking precautions seriously. Consequently, Borris Johnson announced proper curfew in the country. People of the nation attending illegal house parties will face £800 fines from next week as police tighten their regulations on coronavirus rule-breaking.

Home Secretary Priti Patel proclaimed the massive penalty for anyone attending parties of 15 or more people as she scourged out at revelers for spreading lethal coronavirus.

The regulated fines will be double for each repeat misdemeanor, up to a maximum of £6,400, she announced as she bordered a Downing Street press conference. Hosts of illegal parties are already chargeable for a £10,000 fine.  

After Priti Patel’s announcement, people started making memes on her. A Twitter user tweeted, “Priti Patel has now finished the Downing Street Briefing and is making her way home.”

Jerry Hicks tweeted, “The BBC seems to have deleted this clip of Priti Patel saying how the tories aren’t to blame for poverty, it’s everyone else’s fault.”

Some user on twitter was making fun of her speech and tweeted, “who pissed her ?”

This is a significant step to restrict the expansion of deadly coronavirus. Mass vaccination is one of the measures, too, but it is not the cure at all. The vaccine will be given to various people. Regulations and rules are something that can control people from carelessness.

Another user commented, “Can #PritiPatel actually manage to answer a question properly today on the #DowningStreetBriefing? She’s clearly been taking lessons from #BorisJohnson in bluff, bluster, waffle and bollocks.”

Other user tweeted, “Why can’t they admit, just once, that there might have been mistakes? It isn’t a weakness. Just continued denial wrapped up in the flag. As if Plastic Patriotism will defeat a Pandemic. Is it any wonder that Trust walks out when the Tories walk in? Seriously?”

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