Barbados: 2 deaths in two days due to COVID-19  

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Barbados: Barbados confirms two deaths in two days due to COVID-19 in the nation.

Barbados: 2 deaths in two days due to COVID-19  
Barbados: 2 deaths in two days due to COVID-19

According to the nation’s information service, “Barbados reported two COVID-19 related deaths in two days. One on January 19, and the other on January 20. This results in the total number of demises from the viral illness in the nation to nine. The two males were both in their 80s and had underlying conditions.

According to reports, on January 19, 35 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded – 17 females and 18 males, out of the 902 tests done. On January 20, 52 new positives (19 females and 33 males) were reported out of the 2,355 tests carried out by the Best-dos Santos Public Health Laboratory. These represent a combination of locals and guests.

This makes the total number of tested positive for the lethal coronavirus since March 16 to 1,243 – 497 females and 746 males. Their ages ranged from 1 to 95. In the two days, 28 persons were also released from isolation – four and 24, respectively.

The total number of cases at Her Majesty’s Prison Dodds, as of January 20, is 352 – 94 staff and 258 male inmates. Overall, there are now 641 active cases, and 593 persons have recovered to date.

According to the information service, the public health laboratory’s number of tests since February 2020 is 96,327.

A Facebook user commented, “They need to get the dashboards up to date and back to being presented daily. Today’s dashboard should reflect yesterday, not two days ago. I hope they get the backlogs cleared by next weekend as my son is coming home for the first time in a year.”

A Barbados resident commented, “88 cases from January 14 to 15,Eighty-seven cases from Jan 19 and 20, If there were no other updates between 15th and 19th, that means in 6 days (January 14 to 20th), we had 175 cases. Is this from known clusters, locals, prison staff or visitors? Those figures are alarming.”

Hunte Omar commented, “This should never happen if the government had done the right thing. The large numbers resulted from unmanaged hotels and villas used as self -quarantine areas. if the government had centralized self-quarantine center which would be more manageable, this spike could be avoided.”

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