4 active cases of COVID-19 reported in Antigua and Barbuda

600+ Jamaicans will receive 2nd shot of vaccine

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The 600+ Jamaicans will receive their second shot of vaccine to those who have their first vaccine and to those are having a due date of June 5th for the second dose of vaccine. They will get their second dose on June 5th 2021, from morning 10:00 to evening 4:00, which will be during Blitz that would be hosted by The Ministry of Health

The Jamaicans will be reminded by the government to have their second dose of vaccine through text- messages and through calling on their telephone numbers those were being noted down will they were doing registration for their first dose.

Jamaicans who have been categorized in this special group are told to take government-issued credentials and a letter from a Justice of the Peace and the vaccination card that was allotted to each person who got the first dose.

The ministry said that people who are 65 years and older are permitted to be guided by one caregiver at the vaccination place.

The ministry further noted to the public that they are still expected to follow the Infection Control and Prevention protocols as they are not fully immunised until they have got their second shot of the vaccine.

Recently the ministry announced arrangements for first doses are still open for people in the priority group, which involves Jamaicans 50 years and older, healthcare workers, members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, members of the Jamaica Fire Brigade, members of the Jamaica Defence Force, staff members from Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency, Jamaica Customs Agency and Department of Correctional Services.

The ministry said people wishing to be vaccinated are told that they must make an arrangement through the ministry’s website at www.moh.gov.jm or through the national vaccination hotline at 888-ONE-LOVE (888-663-5683).

55,200 doses of vaccine manufactured by AstraZeneca received by Jamaica which shows another delivery of vaccine from COVAX Facility.