3rd series of “Community Grassroot Grounding” held by Former Regional Chairman

3rd in a series of "Community Grassroot Grounding", this time on the Mackenzie Shore

3rd in a series of
3rd in a series of "Community Grassroot Grounding", this time on the Mackenzie Shore

Guyana: People’s National Congress reform have shared a post of Vanessa Kissoon. It stated that “Former Regional Chairman Sharma Solomon and the team held the 3rd in a series of “Community Grassroot Grounding“, this time on the Mackenzie Shore on Sunday 25th April 2021 in Central Amelia’s Ward.”

She stated, “In attendance were Municipal Councillor Larry Simon and RDC Councillors Coretta Braithwaite and Eleze Hall, former Headteacher Mr Cleveland Thomas.”


Issues were arising deplorable roads and how these could be maintained, the need for more recreational space and the upgrading of existing for young people, lighting for streets, garbage and garbage collection, and soaker ways, she added.

Also, it was suggested to address the illegal dumping of garbage around the community. These areas should be converted into beautification spaces with the removal of waste and planting of flowers, she continued.

Former Headteacher Mr Thomas also encouraged residents to pay their rates and taxes to help the council generate revenue and also encouraged more self-help initiatives by residents.

Mr Solomon encouraged the residence to have back yard gardening promoted by community coops as he and others are doing, which helps with food security and job creation.

Besides this, she also shared a post about an event held on 18 April 2021; Mr Sharma Raheem Solomon and the team organized a meeting with Her Worship, the Mayor Ms Waneka Arrindell and Deputy Mayor Mr Wayne Wright Bethune on Sunday 18th April 2021 with the residence of Silver Town.

According to Vanessa Kissoon, The meeting was very fruitful, and issues were addressed which included, road maintenance, streets lights, garbage collection, the CDC, naming of streets, among others.


Thank you, Mr Solomon and team, for Her Worship the Mayor Ms Waneka Arrindell, Deputy Mayor Mr Wayne Wright Bethune, for answering the call.

And heartfelt thank you to the residence of Silver Town, Mr Kwesi Parkes and the team; keep up the great work, Vanessa Kissoon added.

She added, “NB: The Silver Town Community will be hosting a Feeding program every Sunday for the elderly and those in need, especially the children. Kudos to this great initiative. Let’s play our part and contribute to a worthy cause.”