19-year-old of Den Amstel detained in possession of Marijuana

Michael Gilkes, a 19-year-old of Den Amstel was apprehended for possessing 1,108 grams of marijuana.

A youngster was apprehended for possessing marijuana.
A youngster was apprehended for possessing marijuana.

Georgetown, Guyana: Michael Gilkes, 19-year-old of Den Amstel, nabbed at Vreed-en-Hoop stelling with 1,108 grams of Marijuana.

A suspect was found to be from West Coast Demerara, and at around 10:30 hours, he was arrested by the police ranks who were on beat duty as they found him in possession of suspected Marijuana.

Notably, the cops observed that he had a black plastic bag in his right hand and was acting suspiciously. 

The investigating officers immediately approached the teenager and identified themselves. However, they couldn’t find the suspected bag in his hands.

They later conducted a search of the bag that Gilkes had carried in his hand. It is to be noted that the bag contained a quantity of leaves, stems and seeds, which are suspected to be Cannabis.

The distrusted person was taken into custody and escorted to the Vreed-en-Hoop Police Station, where he was slated to be charged.

The bag was taken to the police department for further investigations, and it is to be added in the remarks of the officials that when they weighed the bag, it amounted to 1,108 grams of Marijuana.

Investigation of this matter is still going on.

Notably, a few days ago, police arrested a tattoo artist, Nicholson Samaroo, from Rose Hall Town with the possession of four hundred thirty-six (436) grams of Marijuana.

It is to be noted that when the officials arrived at the crime spot, they found Samaroo standing about five feet away from where the ranks were. He immediately picked up a heavy pink plastic bag and threw it into the bushes.

Such stances on crime give goosebumps as the issue of drug abuse is thriving amongst the youth of every nation. It is a risk to the peace and security of any country.

Illegal consumption and exporting or importing of drugs is not only harmful to the body but also to the nation.