11-year-old molested by lifeguard of Beach Park in Montego Bay, Jamaica

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St James, Jamaica: An 11-year-old girl was molested by a lifeguard of one of the known Harmony Beach Park in Montego Bay on Saturday. 

As per the police officials, the suspect is on the run after being accused of raping a minor. They have requested the citizens to share the information with them if they have any regarding the incident.

While sharing the description of the lifeguard, the officers stated that he seemed to be in his 40s. He is known only as ‘Rasta.’ He is of slim build, has a dark complexion and sported a dreadlocked hairstyle.

It is to be noted that the minor girl went to the beach to swim along with her mother. The girl was swimming in the water when the lifeguard who was present at the venue held the little girl around her waist and molested her.

As per the reports, the little girl tried to save her from the clutch of the suspect. She kicked the lifeguard and swam towards her mother, who was a short distance away from her.

Subsequently, the little girl told her mother entirely about the incident, and the girl’s mother confronted the suspect. However, the lifeguard took all his belongings and ran from Harmony Beach Park.

Moreover, the suspect has not been caught since then. The authorities have stated that they are trying their best and making every possible effort in order to put the suspect behind bars for the crime he committed.

Several people took to their social media accounts and expressed their views on the matter, while some people have also requested the government to take stringent measures against such culprits.

“I hope he is caught; he doesn’t expect to get away with raping a child, foolish, foolish man, prison for him, maybe it’s not the first he does it, but lifeguard,” wrote a user named Marcia Cunningham.

Another user named Monica Henry commented the following: “What is wrong with some of these men. Poor child.”

“So, if he was performing lifeguard duties at the park, how come he is only known as “Rasta”…Harmony Beach Park doesn’t know the names of their lifeguards. Was he performing lifeguard duties unofficially. Let us know, please,” commented another user.

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