Jamaica: Oshane Gayle, former PNP candidate acquitted in spousal assault case

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Oshane Gayle, the former People’s National Party candidate for the Lacovia Division and St Elizabeth school teacher, has been released after being charged with beating his then-pregnant wife.

It is to be noted that the charges were read against him in the month of October. Oshane was taken to the St Elizabeth Parish Court in Santa Cruz, where he was acquitted of the charge for assaulting his wife.

Moreover, his case was presented by attorney-at-law Thomas Levene. She mentioned that Gayle’s ex-wife and the mother of his child have shown no further interest in the case.

“Gayle was apprehended and charged in October 2023. However, he has maintained his innocence following an incident at her home,” stated Thomas Levene.

It was also added that Oshane Gayle’s spouse gave birth to a child in December. While expressing the happiness of her client, she stated that Oshane Gayle, a teacher at Maggotty High School in the parish of St Elizabeth, is happy with the outcome of the case. She added that her client is looking forward to bonding with his firstborn.

While shedding light on the stressful days, Thomas Levene stated that his client was going through a stressful period in terms of his political ambitions.

She said that her client, Oshane Gayle, has always been a constant supporter of the PNP party and is now looking forward to rendering his services for it in whatever manner he can.

The party cut off ties with Oshane Gayle and removed him as its councillor-caretaker for the Lacovia Division in St Elizabeth after he was charged with assaulting his wife.

Notably, the complainant was represented by attorneys Sherrice Cummings and Yushaine Morgan.

The residents of the community took to their social media accounts and expressed their views on the matter. One person with a Facebook handle, Marlando Toyloy, commented the following: “She is thinking about the well-being of the children and doesn’t want to further sour her relationship with him seeing that she needs him to financially take care of his children. However, he still did the crime.”

Another person with a Facebook account, Mishell Bernard, commented, “Why didn’t she think about that before she made it out to the public? I hope he still has a job.”

“While it is good that the parties reconcile in their private capacity in their domestic affairs and relationships,” commented another person.

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