Weather update: NW Leewards, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico to witness rain for next 24 hours || Picture Courtesy: Google Images

Weather update: NW Leewards, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico to witness rain for next 24 hours

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Caribbean: Eastern Caribbean Weather Updates have predicted that some parts of the Caribbean region might witness rainfall on late Thursday and Friday.

As per the recently shared update, areas of moderate to heavy showers impacted the NW Leewards, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico on Thursday (June 29, 2023) as an upper trough enhanced moisture behind a topical wave. Some more showers are expected Friday, but not as many as Thursday.

Expectedly, a tropical wave is passing Guiana on a Thursday night, bringing isolated thunderstorms. On Friday, it will bring chances for moderate to heavy showers, a few thunderstorms to Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago (afternoon), and then late Friday to the southern Windwards.

It further informed that by early Saturday, some more showers spread to Saint Lucia, St Vincent, and Barbados areas. Some ITCZ showers will follow on Sunday in Trinidad. Rainfall totals can add up quickly in localized areas in Trinidad and South Windwards, so given recent rainfall, isolated flash flooding is possible.

A tropical wave over the eastern Atlantic will move to the Guiana by late Sun-Mon. And by late Monday to Tuesday will bring more periods of rainfall to Trinidad and Tobago and Windwards.

Earlier, it informed that areas of rain and isolated thunderstorms had passed some of the Windwards but mainly stayed over the western Caribbean waters after. Light to moderate showers and briefly heavy showers with isolated thunderstorms are possible in the Lesser Antilles rest of Wednesday. An upper trough will allow more chances for showers in the Leewards and northern islands through Thursday.

The ITCZ is keeping occasional showery periods and a few thunderstorms in coastal Guyana and also in Trinidad. There will be lesser chances in Trinidad but more in Guyana next few days as a low-latitude tropical wave approaches this Friday. The ITZ with the tropical wave will bring more showery periods in the southern islands Fri-Sat.