Weather: BMS issues flood warning for Barbados

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Barbados Meteorological Services (BMS) has issued a flood watch for the nationals across Barbados. The flood watch will remain in effect for 48 hours from today.

It is to be noted that this alert is issued when conditions are favourable for flooding within the next 48 hours. It does not mean that flooding will occur, but it is likely possible.

Notably, the country has experienced occasional moderate to intense showers across the island over the weekend. This pattern is expected to continue today as well, with pockets of heavy to intense showers.

These showers may result in additional accumulations, which range between 25 and 50mm. As a consequence, the BMS has extended the flood watch for Barbados.

Key messages on potentially moderate to significant impacts:

  1. Water settlements on roads and fields which may lead to commuting delays and possible isolated diversions in and out of the city.
  2. Soil erosion on bared or scarred land surfaces.
  3. Marginally invasive excess water on roads, stormwater canals, fields and on property.
  4. Increase in water levels of existing water bodies (e.g. ponds etc).
  5. Residents and visitors should also be aware that this alert level could be elevated to red at short notice.

There could be delays on traffic routes, with some roads becoming impassable inside and outside of minor towns. Residents and visitors should be aware as this alert level could elevate to the next day as well.

Notably, this alert message is valid from 06:00 am today, Monday, December 18 and will be updated or terminated at noon or sooner if conditions warrant.

A General Forecast: Barbados’ weather in December is a transition month between the rainy season and the dry season. The risk of rain is moderate. However, 70 per cent of the days in the period have a higher risk.

Additionally, during this month, the weather is a bit cooler, which could reach a high of 29 degrees Celsius during the day and dip to a pleasant 23 degrees Celsius at night.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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