Paul Gibson, Spokesperson on Health of Democratic Labour Party, condemned the working of the current government on 27th February 2021.

Vaccines’ plan in Barbados is unclear and misleading: Paul Gibson

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Barbados: Paul Gibson, Spokesperson on Health of Democratic Labour Party, condemned the working of the current government on 27th February 2021.

The DLP is imploring the Minister of Health to tell Barbados how many vaccines we currently have on the island.

We have been told that almost 30,000 Barbadians have been vaccinated thus far; however, the vaccine plan is unclear and misleading.

We have heard the PM Mottley that she will be asking for distributions to the Vaccine Fund to pay for our next batch of vaccines set to arrive in 12 weeks. But can we wait 12 weeks when the 2nd dose of many of those vaccinated persons would be due in 8 weeks? Logically you must factor in the lead times for vaccination so that persons can be vaccinated early.

If we do not have the vaccine’s logistics in place, then the entire vaccination campaign would become compromised.

It was said that the BLP is taking the lead in helping poor people. The giving out of hampers is not enough. Stimulate the economy, provide jobs, develop industries; this is also a core responsibility!

The Government has been in power for almost three years. Yet, the Food Security program has still not effectively gotten off the ground. It appears to be not even half-baked at best.

The Prime Minister admitted that she does not know what she is doing. We are here, and the elderly are dying. Dr. Melissa Goddard, a France-based Barbadian molecular biologist in her op-ed column for the non-profit Antillean Media Group, chided the Prime Minister for not following the science and reopening Barbados too early, thus leading to the current spike of COVID 19 cases.

In an article published yesterday in the Nation Newspaper, the President of BAMP, Dr. Lynda Williams, noted that while it was a difficult economic time for Barbados, she believes the country should have flattened the curve before opening.

“Based on what we are seeing, the cases are still increasing, and we don’t know what the true prevalence of COVID 19 is in society. Ideally, we will have liked to have seen the cases per one thousand leveling off and the positivity ratio at less than five percent. Flattening the curve means allowing for the spread of the epidemic so that the peak number of people requiring care at a time is reduced and the health care system does not exceed its capacity,” she said.

What is fitting to note is that BAMP’s President also stated that she was not in discussions with the Prime Minister about the reopening. Thus, I join with Dr. Goddard in asking who’s science is the following?

Not only who’s science is the following, but her compassion for those who would have lost their lives due to this disease.

The Prime Minister spoke to the excessive length of time that persons waited to get tested; this would not have been the instance if the government decided to close our business early and get back results. We are now happy that we are back on track. A tightening of the Logistical and administrative components of the plan is necessary.

With so many positive persons staying home and not being picked up by the authorities due to logistical, administrative reasons, the aggressive spread of Covid -19 resulted.

The Prime Minister said 55 cases do not mean 55 families; when one person in a family is sick, the entire family is unhappy. When one person’s family is suffering -it is an emotional, painful body slam to the family.

Thus, we need to have accurate numbers because there is more in the mortar than the pestle!

Barbados’s people need to know the truth about COVID 19 as it is impacting families on a mental, physical and economic level. Many families are now on the breadline because the government mismanages COVID 19.

Convoluted speeches mean nothing to persons when they are hungry, unemployed, and trying to figure out a method to keep their bills paid and food on the table.

There needs to be a stimulus plan to ensure that no one in Barbados is hungry or has incurred high debt through no fault of their own. It is time for the administration of Barbados to accept accountability for their actions and consult with persons who know best practices when handling global pandemic.

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