UWP working to defame Dominica's growing economic position

UWP working to defame Dominica’s growing economic position

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Roseau, Dominica: The United Workers Party (UWP) is leaving no impression behind to defame the country’s economic position. All the actions being taken by the former opposition minister, Lennox Linton are projecting his idea of standing in the way of the country’s development.

In the present days, the opposition is imposing false allegations on the ongoing developmental projects in the country where the construction work for the new international airport is at first under their agenda. The false actions by the opposition projects that it is acting as the prophet of doom due to the reason that it always expects the bad to happen to the country.

All such actions evidently state that the opposition deserves to be despised as it can go beyond the limits to destabilize the country for the sake of its own benefits. The spread of pessimism around them can lead to a great loss to the country and its people.

The misleading actions of UWP would not only put just one project to a halt but would impact adversely to others as well. This may include the significant projects like Tranquility Beach Resort, Geothermal Plant Project, Dominica Cable Car and the Housing projects.

Such a stance projects economic disruption that can even destroy the economy of the nation, taking it to the peak of destruction. For a long time, the opposition has been disturbing the peace of the country.

Last year, one of the workers of UWP; Trevor Tossy Johnson, demanded extortion from Dominica’s biggest developer. He defamed Montreal Management Consultants Est. and its CEO Anthony Haiden, blackmailed them for monetary gains.

As per the reports, it came into light that he demanded USD 20,000 TO USD 25,000 per month. Such an action presents the idea of the cheapness behind the actions of the United Workers Party that knows no limit.

Not only this, it even was cemented last year that there was a direct role of the opposition in OCCRP (Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project) research on Dominica. The country was being targeted for providing citizenship to the wrongful people. While investigating all this, it came out that Trevor Tossy Johnson (Worker of UWP) was in touch with the OCCRP.

In case they could have succeeded in their plotting, the country could have gone through a lot. Significantly, through better leadership, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit led their actions to failure.

This is not the limit. This year, just a few months ago as well, the opposition proposed a “Do Nothing Campaign,” which aimed at misleading the people by manipulating them by disseminating the information to the public to do nothing so that it could harm the economic state of the country, Dominica.

This as well states the intentions of the opposition in taking the country to the state of devastation.