UWP on mission to halt progress of Dominica, finding ways to threaten its reputation. PC: Facebook

UWP on mission to halt progress of Dominica, finding ways to threaten its reputation

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Roseau, Dominica: Dominica- the small island nation of the Caribbean that once was hard hit by Hurricane Maria and faced destruction and a significant economic halt. However, the country decided not to stand still and adopted a resilient approach to build back better with several initiatives and development projects.

Projects such as housing, schools, roads, bridges, cable cars, and international airports have been uplifting the lifestyle of its citizens and providing growth to the economy. However, some people who don’t want the development of Dominica have been making efforts to halt these projects with their false tactics.

The United Workers Party is one of those people who has been creating hurdles in front of the development of Dominica in several sectors. When big and developed countries cite the example of the resilient journey of the small island nation, UWP is busy finding ways to malign the nation’s reputation on the global stage.

The construction of the International Airport has been progressing rapidly in Dominica, but some reports suggested that the opposition has been using tactics to halt the project. With several efforts, they are working to make people jobless who get direct employment during the construction phase of the project.

As per the reports, several locals have been employed in the construction of the international airport, marking the growth of the economy and upliftment of the local community. However, the UWP and its members such as Lennox Linton and Thomas Fontaine are not happy with the growth of Dominica and using false practices to put stoppage on the development of the locals.

In addition to that, several other projects such as Cable Car and resilient housing have been providing massive growth to the economy and roofs on the heads of the locals. The government vowed to construct 5000 resilient homes for the people who lost their homes during Hurricane Maria, aiming to enhance their lifestyle.

The resilient housing aimed at providing roofs to the people that could withstand the harsh impacts of climate change as Dominica lost huge infrastructure during these natural calamities. However, UWP which has no vision for the growth of the country has been making efforts to stop the visionary leadership in developing the country.

Recently, the government of Dominica broke the ground for the construction of the historic Cabrits Marina which is aimed at bolstering the economic growth of the North of Dominica. These developmental initiatives are backbone of the economic as well as the sustainable growth of Dominica, which are on the radar of UWP.