Dominica shines amidst developmental hurdles by UWP. PC: Google Image

Dominica shines amidst developmental hurdles by UWP

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Roseau, Dominica: The Commonwealth of Dominica has successfully hosted the 27th COFCOR, and is on the path of becoming the world’s first climate-resilient nation. The country is also strengthening political ties with developed nations for the betterment of its people. However, the political opposition, the United Workers Party (UWP) has been accused of constantly implementing plans to hinder the ongoing development.

UWP leader Thomas Fontaine and former leader Lennox Linton for years have been creating barriers in developmental tasks, this time both the leaders have planned to target the construction of one of the most significant ongoing projects in the country that is new International Airport Project.

Leader Fontaine and Linton of UWP, have openly discussed their plan on a local platform during an interview, to hamper the new International Airport Project by involving court’s notice. Which would eventually delay the completion of the project and hamper Dominica’s economy.

Also, UWP’s leaders and workers have been constantly trying to defame Dominica at the international level. Such attempts are envisioned to tarnish the image of the island nation and also portray Dominica in a bad light among the nations that are strengthening bilateral ties with the country.

During the elections in 2022 UWP did not contest in the elections and called it “fraudulent”, the reason behind not contesting was the internal fights for leadership and eventually the party had no leader, shared an ex-party worker.

The UWP also called for protests to boycott the election, which was failed by the intelligent Dominicans by not joining the campaign and also by supporting and participating in the elections.

After that, UWP faced criticism for attempting to hamper the image of the peaceful and safe tourist destination Dominica by circulating a fake travel advisory on social media advising citizens of the UK to refrain from travelling to Dominica due to crime and election violence.

However, the UK High Commission for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean shared that the document was false.

Dominican’s have been in rage after the plans of halting construction of International Airport have been exposed, one commented “UWP should stop, we need airport”. While the other commented, “Such plans by UWP might delay the development of the nation, but PM Skerrit’s visionary approach will take Dominica to new heights”.

Economic analysts have warned that UWP’s plan if succeeded, will leave dangerous impact than nuclear bombs for the economy of Dominica.