US Human Rights Org. asks PM Modi to base response to farmers protest

he insisted on India to be a leader in Human Rights under the world's largest Democracy.

US Human Rights Org. asks PM Modi to base response to farmers protest
US Human Rights Org. asks PM Modi to base response to farmers protest

World: The government of India is facing international disagreement on being ignorant and unanswerable to their citizens. Recently, US Congressman James McGovern tweeted that “Indian Government should engage in constructive dialogue, not repress peaceful protests.”

Furthermore, he insisted on India to be a leader in Human Rights under the world’s largest Democracy. Now the question arises why this gentleman tweeted about the repression of peaceful protests in India?

James McGovern’s tweet came after the disputes between Indian police and farmers on January 26, while hundreds of protesters barged Red Fort during a Republic Day parallel parade to display the union government’s discouragement of newly implemented farm laws.

It is a Human Right to oppose or raise a question on government’s law or order. Government is here to serve the public, not to suppress them. But, India’s government is rusted by the droplets of corruption that is violating Human rights and Democracy.

On September 20, 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced the Farm Bills 2020 as a watershed significance in Indian agriculture, empowering millions of farmers in India. But, the reality is big co-corporates and businessmen to garnered the benefits and disadvantages to be suffered by only farmers.

The ones who made this law never understood the possible outcomes of these bills. They didn’t even bother to scrutinize the real potential impacts. They were following a literary language that can’t be implemented in reality. If farmers never opposed these bills, then the government’s real face would have never come in front of us.

Violation of Human Rights started when the government initiated to stop the protests by various means. Earlier, they were not listening to the farmers; afterward, they attacked them with tear gas and cold water.

This is not only a dispute which violated Human Rights, but there are many instances. CAA protestors at Shaheen Bagh, which raised some prominent questions on the amendment, were also repressed by the government.

Reports and Surveys say that the root of corruption is so firm in India that it can never make the nation a developed country. There is no even distribution of power, which gives priority to politics over people. The centralization of powers makes the public powerless.

If international denouncement to the Indian government comes into action, that can create pressure on the administration to act right. 

The Tom Lantos, Human Rights Commission, tweeted, India is obligated to respect the rights to peaceful protest and food. They even ask PM Modi to base response to farmers’ protest.

Replying to Congressman’s tweet, Indian resident Vikram Chhabra said, Thank you, Congressman, for taking the high ground on this. The Modi controlled media in India is not letting the truth be told. They are attacking farmers as separatists and are using communalism to degrade a genuine protest. The world needs to know the truth.

Indian Resident Harjinder Singh said, “India is a banana republic. It’s a majoritarian Hindutva state. It persecutes minorities with laws like CAA. Cows have more rights than humans. Anti-farmer laws were passed during the peak of pandemic without following any parliamentary process.”

Repression of protests is a violation of Human Rights as well as Democracy. We can’t ignore it as a human being and a citizen. On the other hand, the government of India should be answerable to the world about their actions.

Narendra Modi is not just a Prime Minister, but he is the representative of the Country. People are reliable on him to decide the future of their lives and the nation. If he continues to be ignorant, then the history of politics will never remember his good deeds.

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