US appreciates India's participation in Climate Change Agriculture Innovation Mission

US appreciates India’s participation in Climate Change Agriculture Innovation Mission

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The US Department of State, according to a press release, appreciated India’s declaration that it would join the Agricultural Innovation Mission for Climate.

“In November 2021, the United States and the United Arab Emirates launched AIM4C. Increased funding and support for innovation in climate-smart agricultural and food systems are the goals of AIM4C. These investments have effectively expanded to more than 8 billion US dollars worldwide thanks to the AIM4C programme,” according to the release.

The India-Israel-UAE-US (I2U2) Sherpa meeting was conducted in Abu Dhabi earlier on Wednesday, and Ravi was there.

The I2U2 Grouping was conceived during the meeting of the foreign ministers of four nations on October 18, 2021. The “West Asian Quad” has replaced the “International Conference for Economic Cooperation,” which was known in 2021.

I2U2 aims to strengthen the collaboration in the six areas of water, energy, transportation, space, health, and food security that have been jointly identified.

To help upgrade the infrastructure, our industries’ low-carbon development routes, the public’s health, and the advancement of vital emerging and green technologies, it aims to harness private sector funding and skills.

The start-up ecosystems in Israel and India are expanding in each of their respective nations. These nations can cooperate in the area of food security to lessen the effects of problems with food scarcity. India and the US are already QUAD members, and India has bilateral defence cooperation with each nation separately.