Unvaccinated have 11 times more chances of death than Vaccinated: CDC data

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World: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – CDC has published new data which reveals throughout the month of August, chances of dying of unvaccinated adults against the deadliest COVID-19 mutant was 11 times more than those who are vaccinated.

The data further shows that the adults who are have not taken their vaccine shots faces a 6 times higher risk of testing positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Apart from this, in the last week of August month, the risk of being hospitalized for those who are unvaccinated adults was nearly around 19 times higher as compared to the vaccinated adults, the data of CDC further reveals.

Although, data analysis done by the CDC is not comprehensive. This case data by vaccination status is taken from 14 states in all regions of the United States, even from New York City and Seattle’s King County.

As per the data that was released on Thursday, the death risk from coronavirus among adults has also reduced in the past few weeks, as the speed of new cases deserts across the United States.

By the last week of August month, the death rate of COVID-19 among unvaccinated adults was about 30% lower than it was in the first week of the month, dropping from an incidence rate of 13 deaths per 100,000 people to about nine deaths per 100,000 people.

The data further reveals that the hospitalization rate among unvaccinated adults has also risen that is more than 80 per cent from the first week in August to the last.

CDC states, “Getting vaccinated for the COVID-19 reduces the risk of getting contracted to the virus and helps protect you and your loved ones from severe illness even if you do get COVID-19”.

The rate of COVID-19 hospitalizations amongst adults under the age of 50 is nearly 15 times higher for unvaccinated people than for fully vaccinated people.

On the other hand, for those who are between 50 to 64, the hospitalization rate is 31 times higher for unvaccinated people, and for those who are of 65 years and older, the hospitalization rate is 16 times higher for the unvaccinated people.


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