UNESCO reports: 62% of countries lack laws on climate education

The GEM Report provided the insight about the need of climate education in 62% countries as stated by UNESCO. And, Caribbean region is dedicatedly working towards it.

Climate Education required in 62% countries, credits to UNESCO Facebook Page
Climate Education required in 62% countries, credits to UNESCO Facebook Page

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has stated that 62% of the countries across the globe do not have laws on climate education.

The 28th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP28) provided detailed insight into this. In connection with it, the GEM (Global Education Monitoring) Report has released the track of climate change education in 80 countries.

The GEM Report collaborated with the Monitoring and Evaluation Climate Communication and Education (MECCE)  project to host the Sustainability and Education Policy Network (SEPN), which aimed to advance global climate change literacy and action.

Through this project, the GEM Report synchronized the country profiles related to climate change communication and education. The details in the profiles collected were in the context of climate that what kind of structure a country follows in association with this.

This involved three parameters that is:

Climate change Education and Training in the country – This involved climate change in school learning, teacher training, higher education and in adult learning.

Climate change communication in the country – This consists of public awareness, participation and the access to information regarding climate change.

Monitoring and Evaluation – This involved country monitoring and MECCE Project Monitoring.

Climate change education in the Caribbean

Turning the focus towards the Caribbean regarding this plays a pivotal role as the region is doing great for climate sustainability as the devastating impacts have threatened the basic need that is water and food security.

Even during COP28, it was said by a high level panel including Geon Leon, President of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) that Small Islands are at the forefront of the impact of climate change.

To raise awareness in the region, the Caribbean Development Bank has also started the Climate Action Series- confronting the Caribbean Climate Crisis. Till now, 5 episodes has been released which are as follows:

  • Episode 1 – Beyond Words
  • Episode 2 – Mobilising Currency for Climate
  • Episode 3 – Barriers to Break Through
  • Episode 4 – Greening Our Grids
  • Episode 5 –  Unlocking Sustainable Prosperity

Such an action is committed towards providing the climate solutions to safeguard the regions.