UNC rejects Sunday Guardian’s front-page editorial

UNC rejects Sunday Guardian's front-page editorial of 7 February 2021.

UNC rejects Sunday Guardian's front-page editorial
UNC rejects Sunday Guardian's front-page editorial

Trinidad and Tobago: UNC rejects Sunday Guardian’s front-page editorial of 7 February 2021.

UNC stated that “muddled thought and their unwillingness to call out the Government’s magnificent failure in national security, Guardian Media Limited actively manage the country stuck on the corresponding fruitless path, wrecking and destroying the lives of hundreds of citizens.


Obscenely, Guardian magazine is politicizing Andrea’s name to market and sell the PNM’s flawed Bail Bill.”

According to UNC, as Guardian Media seems to serve as a pro-PNM tabloid instead of recording actual news in a balanced manner, this should come as no astonishment.

Furthermore, they noted that, Judges and magistrates are capable and intelligent professionals, and they do not go about granting bail in an ad hoc and irresponsible manner. They are a necessary check and balance to prevent abuse of citizens’ constitutional rights by the authorities. The editors at Guardian Media would have you believe that somehow they have more legal acumen than members of the judiciary when granting bail.

Many attorneys and even the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago have come out against these bills. The Guardian editors are unqualified to pronounce on legislation.

The Anti-Gang and Bail laws have been in place for several years (only expired recently). They have failed dismally. Indeed, with these laws in place – under the failed, incompetent kleptocracy of Keith Rowley, Faris Al-Rawi, and Stuart Young – murders continued to rise, along with serious crimes.

Instead of supporting this backward, repressive, PNM policy, the Guardian should be fighting along with us to create a justice system that will convict or release a suspect within 120 days!


It is shameless what Guardian Media Limited is doing. Instead of calling out the disastrous, self-centered Minister of National Security, Stuart Young, the Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi (with his spectacular failure to win a single case in the courts on behalf of the Government), Guardian editors operate as marketers and PR agents for Al Rawi and the PNM, not caring about taking away citizens’ rights while not doing a single thing to fight crime. The Guardian is obscenely using a young girls’ name and public anger to push their pro-PNM agenda and flawed legislation.

Irving Ward, Rosemarie Sant, and the rest of Guardian Media and its editors should assess their current mess roles and fix themselves first. These editors should desist from cowardly hiding behind their newspaper’s name and sign their names to the obscene editorials they write. One would otherwise swear the Attorney General is writing their editorials.

Guardian Media should be the last to lecture anyone. Instead, they should look at their own shameless and disgusting role in carrying the country to where it is.

Rosemarie Sant, Irving Ward, and the rest of the Guardian Media editors should look in the mirror and accept responsibility for their obscene roles in destroying this country. They and their hyper-partisan behavior have contributed to the press being ranked as the least trusted institution in our country. This is not good for peace and democracy.

They stated, the Guardian needs to abandon its apparent partnership with Rowley, Al-Rawi, and Young and instead embrace a plan for the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

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