'Security Minister defend his failed policies' says UNC leader

‘Security Minister defend his failed policies’ says UNC leader

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Trinidad & Tobago: UNC leader Kamla Persad Bissessar condemns the National Security Minister.

UNC leader stated, “It is disgraceful and disrespectful that the Minister of National Security is now weaponizing the variants of Covid-19 to create a pitiful defense of his baseless and evil policy of barring out citizens from this nation.”

Furthermore, she added, The people of our nation, especially the distraught family members of those stranded outside of our borders, are becoming tired of the repeated lies and insolent excuses of a Minister. The latter continues to stand against the people of the nation he has sworn on oath to protect while he allows big-time friends’ exemption.

Yesterday’s press conference from Minister Young offered nothing new. It was just an attempt to satisfy his guilty conscience because the reality is, his policy is not only discriminatory but foolish given that foreigners have been entering this nation.

Ironically, Minister Young continues to speak on “understanding the science” in his press conferences but is not aware that the diplomats and workers of foreigners can spread the virus in the same way as the others he described.

What is even more insulting is Young’s attempts to twist the UK and Canada’s international stories, which have not blocked out their citizens, but they have restricted non-nationals. Stuart Young is the only Minister in the world to block his people out. UNC continues to call on the Minister to stop playing politics with this issue.

A Facebook user commented, “He’s a despicable shame. This wrong and strong attitude of this MNS is hurting our citizens, which is worse the PM supports this incompetent wickedness.”

Another user commented, “Mrs. Kamla Persad bissessar, you and your most talented qualified lawyers in the UNC need to take the PNM govt to the courts to let them be accountable for their lying, thieving wicked illegal actions towards the innocent citizens of this nation. You need to file charges against this PNM wicked no good govt. Pls, take them to task in the courts now now now Mrs. Persad Bissessar. Talk has done time for action. Let us hit the streets. You’ll have all the citizens of T&T support.”

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