UNC exposes Guardian media’s vaccine hypocrisy

UNC communications exposed Guardian media's vaccine hypocrisy.

UNC exposes Guardian media's vaccine hypocrisy
UNC exposes Guardian media's vaccine hypocrisy

Trinidad and Tobago: UNC communications exposed Guardian media’s vaccine hypocrisy.

They stated, After writing an Editorial praising their conglomerate owners, Ansa McAl, for seeking to obtain Oxford AstraZeneca vaccines, the editors at the Guardian quite predictably criticized Kamla Persad-Bissessar for doing the same.

The reasons for both the United National Congress and Ansa McAl for doing so are the same to supplement the inadequate supply ordered by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and to speed up the arrival and distribution of the vaccines.

Yet, somehow, the Guardian seeks to criticize the Leader of the Opposition for her initiative in the face of Government sluggishness and their inexplicable reluctance to approach the Government of India like our proactive Caribbean neighbors have done.

The Guardian claims that it is public knowledge that Keith Rowley wrote a letter to Prime Minister Modi for the vaccines last week. It is also public knowledge that it was persistent Opposition pressure on the Government that eventually forced the Prime Minister to do so.

The Government’s first reaction, however, was to fan the flames of racism and to insult the Government of India and the Indian pharmaceutical industry. They spoke about charlatans, fake vaccines, and scammers, which the Guardian gleefully and without hesitation or investigation splashed across its front pages, going so far as to insult another country on the PNM’s say so.

The Guardian, further, has the gall to criticize Mrs. Persad-Bissessar’s push to get the vaccines here quickly in order to return to normalcy and open up our society and economy as “gamesmanship.” This, at the same time it challenged other businesses to do the same as their parent company. Wasn’t that gamesmanship also if we use Guardian Media’s criteria?

But the hypocrisy of the editors at Guardian Media knows no bounds as they continue to hide behind the anonymity of their editorial. We again call on them to sign their names to the obscenities they write.

In the meanwhile, we join the majority of the country in heartily thanking Kamla Persad-Bissessar for her initiative to take up the slack caused by our Government’s laziness, ineptitude, or perhaps worse.

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