TTUTA president says teachers will comply with instructions as offline classes for 4-6 Forms start from Monday

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: Teachers will comply with the COVID instructions that have been imposed by the Education Ministry for the students in forms 4-6 for returning for face-to-face classes from Monday onwards, says the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers’ Association – (TTUTA).

TTUTA president Antonia Tekah-De Freitas stated that she was pleased, however, that the ministry had considered their main recommendations on board. Adding, “The Ministry of Education was asked by – TTUTA to choose one modality for curriculum delivery, and that is what they did.”

The association further noted that although it is the responsibility of the Education Ministry to provide a safer environment for teachers and students in the schools for offline classes.

She added, “This requires the Ministry of Education to ensure that all safety mechanisms are in place throughout all schools.”

She noted that they will now only be teaching Forms 4-6 students in person, as opposed to being asked to do both in-person and online teaching.

Both the vaccinated and unvaccinated students have been mandated to return to classrooms from October 25, 2021, as online sessions will be discontinued for 4-6 form students.

Interim NPTA president – Zena Ramatali cited that, “We are pleased to know that all our children will be taught, as our position remains education for all as long as all COVID health protocols are put in place & also followed to the utmost.”

Besides this, Tekah-De Freitas also indicated yesterday that their members would permit to the latest policy decision.

She also noted that the teachers are abiding by the instructions of the Government, stating that, “We are safeguarding their interests by making sure that they go to do the jobs they have been instructed to. The ministry has to treat with students otherwise.”

Earlier, for the offline classes, only vaccinated students were allowed, while unvaccinated students were asked to study from virtual sessions. The CPMTT and the National Parent Teacher Association – (NPTA) had previously expressed satisfaction with the instruction to return to in-person classes for the student group from Monday.