TTPS reports two incidents of Robbery with Aggravation in Arima, Matura

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Port of Spain: The officials of Trinidad and Tobago Police Services (TTPS) have arrested two suspects in separate Robbery with Aggravation incidents, which took place in the districts of Arima and Matura on Sunday and Monday respectively.

The police department has expressed its commitment to tackle the problem of increasing criminal activities in the country. The detail description of the matter is as follows,

Case Details (Sunday)

The officers of the La Horquetta Police Station were informed about a robbery in the Arima district. They responded to the matter and arrived at the location. Upon arrival, the victim recorded his statement to the police.

According to police report, the male victim was leaving for his workplace in the Arima on Sunday at around 6 pm. He was about to enter his vehicle when two unknown assailants approached him.

They executed a robbery and took a quantity of valuable items from the victim, in return of relieving him and immediately escaped the scene.

A report was made against the duo to the police, who were on mobile patrolling in the same area. They responded and managed to seized the one of the two robbers at a short distance away. The suspect was identified as a 22-year-old man from Chaguanas. The officers are currently searching for another suspect.

Monday Incident

The second incident took place in the region of Matura at around 11:30 pm on Monday. The ranks of the Matura Police Station were informed about a robbery in a company.

As per information, a person who was robbed was working in a company when a person entered the premises, along with a firearm. He pointed his gun in the direction of the victim and started making threats against him.

It is alleged that he opened fire at victim but fortunately he wasn’t harmed as the bullet passed by him at short distance. The victim was relieved in return of his cellular phone. After getting the mobile, the accused ran away from the place.

A case was filed against him and police managed to arrest him after a short time. He is currently taken into the police custody for questioning. The enquiries of both the cases are ongoing.

The efforts of the TTPS ranks showcased their unwavering commitment and dedication for the citizen’s security. The responded to any case, filed to them immediately. The people across the nation extended their appreciation for them.

“Good job TTPS. You are doing very well. Arrest them who conduct crime in our country, Trinidad and Tobago. The police is working very well against crimes”, quoted one FB user.

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