TTPS seize Black Ruger Firearm & ammunition in Chaguanas, arrest 30-year-old woman

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The officers of Trinidad and Tobago Police Services (TTPS) arrested a 30-year-old woman and seized a Black Ruger firearm and ammunition during an anti-crime exercise in Chaguanas. 

As per the police reports, a group of officers conducted a mobile patrolling in the Area North of the Central Division. The officials were informed about a robbery from the Price Plaza. 

The report was made through the E999 Command Centre. The TTPS ranks responded to the matter and headed towards the west along with Chin Chin Road in Cunupia. 

According to the information, the anonymous call stated that ‘the robbery is in progress involving a silver Nissan Sentra, which was taken away at gunpoint from Price Plaza at Chaguanas.’

Upon arrival at the location, the police officers saw the vehicle turning north onto Bonne Aventure Road. They followed them, and in due course of time, the suspect opened fire at the police officers. 

In response, the TTPS ranks backed the firing, which resulted in the crash of the gate into a gate along Bonne Aventure Road. The two male suspects managed to escape the place; however, a 30-year-old woman was arrested while trying to run off the car. 

The investigating officers conducted a search in the car, and they found one black Ruger firearm fitted with one magazine and containing seven rounds of ammunition. The accused and the weapons were taken to the police station for further investigation. 

Additionally, in another anti-crime exercise in the Central Division, the officers managed to arrest two persons in possession of Marijuana. As per reports, the suspects were planning to smuggle the Marijuana. 

Another person was charged with possession of Marijuana for the Purpose of trafficking within 500 metres of a school. The investigation of the matter is ongoing. 

Such efforts of the TTPS officers reflect their unwavering commitment and untiring efforts to combat the problem of criminal activities in the country. Their hard work and dedication were appreciated by the residents of Trinidad and Tobago on social media (Facebook). 

Some of the comments read as, 

“Good work…and glad to hear a culprit was arrested too!!!”

“Great job, now is just to get some tough police woman to get information out of her”

“Great exercise police officers”

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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