T&T records 8 homicides in one day, PM Rowley urges zero tolerance for crimes

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Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) is grappling with the problem of an increase in crimes as the country recorded Eight Homicides in one day, including the murder of a Police Sergeant. Prime Minster Keith Rowley called for an emergency and urged zero tolerance for criminal activities. 

As per reports, five people were killed at one location in Belmont and other three were murdered elsewhere in the nation.

The people of T&T definitely live in a state of fear due to the rise in crimes. PM Rowley took to his official social media handle (Facebook) to express his heartfelt condolences to the families of the people who were killed in the homicide. 

“This increasing complete disregard for human life must be condemned in every possible way.  My thoughts go out to the families who are experiencing the pain that is shocking the entire national community today”, said PM Rowley. 

He further stated that the way people managed to make frequent use of assault weapons in the country has added an extra layer of fear and promoted murderous lawlessness, which continues to threaten the law of the land. 

The leader of Trinidad and Tobago assured the public that his government is implementing every possible measure in its power to combat the problem of homicides.

“I want to assure the nation that even as we experience today’s tragedy, the State, through its legitimate activities, will continue to identify and extract these weapons and their criminal owners and operators.  People can rest assured that state agencies will not give up the fight to rid our streets and other places of the pervasive evil of “gun culture”.” in Trinidad and Tobago”, remarked the prime minister. 

With the rising rate of crime, the public is now asking authorities to take quicker action. On every alternative day, numerous lives are lost in terrifying acts of crime. From petty theft to murders, crime continues to be migraine to the government of the day. 

The authorities are suggested to take serious actions and implement strict laws to tackle the problem of crimes in the country. 

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