Aché Abrahams clinches ‘Miss World Americas and Caribbean’ title, PM Rowley congratulates

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Prime Minister Keith Rowley was delighted and filled with joy while extending his heartfelt wishes to Miss T&T World, Aché Abrahams, as she secured fourth position and was titled ‘Miss World Americas and Caribbean” in the Miss World International pageant in India.

PM Rowley took to his official social media handle (Facebook) to greet Abrahams for her well-earned title and extended a vote of thanks for representing her country at such an international level. 

“Thank you for representing Trinidad and Tobago with such class and poise,” added the prime minister of T&T.

She receives an opportunity to travel to all the countries with the new Miss World and the Miss World Organisation throughout the year. 

Miss World Americas, Abrahams said that Trinidad and Tobago not only celebrates the diversity of the culture and traditions of the nation but also respects it. Additionally, Miss World Organization thinks alike, and they promote diversity and inclusivity.

“When I stand here I represent 1.4 million people of Trinidad and Tobago, and what I can offer Miss World is the mentality of my people. In India, you say…’ the world is one family.’ In sweet TT we say ‘May every creed and race should get equal place.’ The way I live my life is with that motto, with that mantra”, she added. 

Top four contestants of the Miss World International pageant 2024. (Credits: STAR 947, Facebook)
Top four contestants of the Miss World International pageant 2024. (Credits: STAR 947, Facebook)

Furthermore, she believes that Miss World follows the same mantra, “One should have an understanding of the differences and diversities across the globe”. This is the way the world will progress and create a bright future. 

Her walk on stage displayed her talent and unwavering commitment to her goals. Though she did not win the Miss World pageant, she represented her country over the three weeks of competition in India. 

Abrahams was among the 25 finalists who received an opportunity to speak about the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. She favours a world without poverty, where people are physically and mentally healthy and should have equal access to quality education. 

“I see a world where clean running water is easily available to every thirsty person and clean renewable energy is the only energy source on the planet. I see a world where the global economy is flourishing with job opportunities for all and the workforce is paid equally and treated fairly and humanely with less disparities and more policies to empower and protect all human beings,” Abrahams remarked.

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