TT PM Dr Keith Rowley slams opposition, says leader has limboed to new low

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Trinidad and Tobago: On February 8, PMKeith Rowley denounced the leader of the opposition, Kamla Persad Bissessar.

Prime Minister Keith stated that “the opposition has limboed to a new expected disgusting low”.

He further mentioned that the opposition leader and ‘her minions’ have been using various platform mantras, such as “Close the border,” “The border porous,” “Venezuelan illegal migrants overrunning Trinidad and Tobago,” and “We have 80,000 here”.

He added that the coast guards have been inundated with ammunition, guns and trafficked humans across that border.

He further explained the cause of the firing by the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard. PM stated that the border patrol was attempting to stop the migrant boat that refused to comply, and under the international protocols and law, the coast guard attacked the vessel. It was an accident, and we all regret the passing of the child.

“There was an accident in which, unfortunately, a passenger child was regrettably killed. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!” Prime Minister mentioned.

He further targeted the leader, Kamla Persad- Bissessar and said that she publicly accused the Coast Guard of calling them ‘Murderer.’

PM Rowley said, “Kamla Persad-Bissessar publicly accused the Coast Guard officers of MURDER! According to her, the craft should have been allowed to evade the border patrol. They should have known that there was an endangered baby on board.”

He further expressed the grief and said that the Trinidad and Tobago government regretted the terrible loss of that innocent infant. He added that “what should we think of the opportunistic, shameless, attention-seeking lady who is so bereft of any scintilla of patriotism.”

The tragic act was condemned by the United Nations Human Rights and Refugee organisations. In a joint statement, the organisation said that they “are deeply saddened” after knowing about the tragic incident.

George Henry
George Henry
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