Trinidad & Tobago police safely rescues kidnapped businessman after 24 days

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Trinidad and Tobago police – (TTPS) freed the Chaguanas businessman (Kartikay Ramsundar, 40), who was kidnapped on October 13 from his business place at – Cacandee Road, Felicity. The authorities have taken two individuals into custody who are assisting them out in the investigation. 

TTPS, in a press release statement, informed that the officers of the Anti-Kidnapping Unit (AKU), Special Operations Response Team (SORT), Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF), including the arms of national security rescued Ramsundar, without paying any ransom amount. Deputy Commissioner of Police – Mc Donald Jacob and the AKU Assistant Superintendent – Romel Morales, were leading the operation.  

Felicity councillor – Wendy Francis stated, “I am relieved to hear that Mr Ramsundar has been rescued by the police. His family and many villagers were in a state of turmoil following his abduction”, noting that more patrols are required along the banks of the Caparo River. 

“This area can be used for criminal activity and the smuggling of narcotics and human trafficking in and out of Chaguanas. The police must treat this issue of patrols in that area seriously”, Francis added. 

The family members of Ramsundar had a breath of relief as he returned back to his home safely after almost a month. His loved ones further thanked the officers of TTPS who risked their lives and brought him back safely. 

Apart from this, no other – information has been shared by the authorities regarding the investigation. 

What happened on October 13 with Ramsundar – 

As per the report of the police, on that day around 2.40 pm, Ramsundar was at his business place, Riverside Marina Ltd, when he was ostensibly approached by three men. 

Out of them, one man was armed with a firearm who further forced Ramsundar to get into a dark-coloured Honda Civic and then they drove off. 

The report states that the vehicle was subsequently found burnt-out along the nearby – Bernard Road in Felicity.