Trinidad and Tobago: Man chops two to death and leave two others severely injured

A 33-year-old man in the New Grant community has killed two of his relatives while leaving two others injured. The attacks occurred at two homes at Farmer Trace, Sancho Road, New Grant, sometime before 11 pm.

Among the deceased are Anterro McQueen, 52, and Monica Jagroop, 35 (sister-in-law of the accused). Father of Jagroop, Manickchand Jaroop, 72 and her sister Indra Jagroop were diced multiple times, and both are in critical condition right now, while during the attack, the left hand of Indra is fully severed.  

The motive of the accused has not been found yet by the Police authorities, while some of the relatives believe that he was drunk. 

What actually happened – 

The Police report states that at around 10:50 pm on Sunday, Indra was at her home along with her husband(McQueen) when the accused standing outside their home called out to them; after McQueen came outside, he attacked him and chopped his neck off. Indra came out to help McQueen when she was attacked and got extensive cuts on her face, arms and shoulder. 

After hearing voices, Indra’s father came outside and was then also attacked, getting deep cuts on his face. 

The brutal rampage did not stop here; the accused then went to Jagroop’s home (which was a few houses away); as she came out of his home after hearing loud screams, the accused chopped her multiple times, on her neck too. 

Mother of Monica Jagroop – Myna Jagroop, 71, told the local media news that the incident took place after a few minutes; Indra and her husband (McQueen) returned home after attending the birthday party of McQueen’s mother.  

Monica’s mother cited, “My son-in-law dead on the spot. My daughter died on the spot my husband I don’t know how many chops get. My daughter hand chop somewhere by the wrist. One of the hands cut out”. 

Monica Jagroop was a single mother & lived alone with her two children, ages 13 and 15.

She further declined the rumours of a land dispute with the accused, adding that, “I think when a man cannot control himself when he drinks, that is it, but I don’t know who may say what and whatever but they always have a little this and that with one another but when you drink, somebody must irritate him down the road and he come and take it out here. All that he wanted to do he do”. 

While Monica’s brother – Ricky Jagroop, stated that it might be possible that these killings are related to the goat sacrifice which took place in the month of September (which was part of the religious ceremony), as since then there have been issues between the suspect and the families. 

Yet, there are no reports regarding the arrest of the suspect.