Trinidad to welcome over 66,000 visitors for Carnival 2024

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Tourism Trinidad Limited noted that flights into the country have increased since the beginning of the year for Carnival 2024. It is expected that around 66,445 people will arrive in the country via flights this month.

In the last year, 2023 counted the arrival of about 59,693 travellers in January and February. This figure represents that about 6,752 people are expected this year for the Carnival

The forecasted arrivals for 2024 are based on the calculation of the average load factor for 2023, which is based on the country’s maximum seat capacity.

Further, between January and February, 1,350 flights are expected for the nine weeks. During the same time in 2023, the number of flights was 784. 

However, the visitors and members of the community have mixed opinions about whether they should visit the country for Carnival or not due to some citing crime rate. 

Nicole Roberts, who works in childcare in the United States, visits the country annually for Carnival. She expressed her enthusiasm for attending this year’s Carnival despite unsettling crimes. 

“Carnival is my thing; I love meh country. What I don’t like is what is going on in the crime rate in our country, and what makes it worse is that everyone who lives there builds more fear in us. I know it’s bad, but we always like to come and have a good time”. Roberts added. 

Culture In D’ Park 

Caribbean Airlines is hosting Culture In D’ Park on Saturday. The event will be organised from 12 pm to 7 pm at Nelson Mandela Park in Port of Spain at Trinidad. 

During the event, the tourists will enjoy multiple facilities, such as a pan, culinary workshop, tassa, bamboo riddim sections, and more. 

The event will feature exciting performances by some renowned and famous artists, including Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez, Bunji Garlin, Rabi B and Patrice Roberts. 

Moreover, the attendees will also be provided with food and drinks, which will be on sale, and they will get an opportunity to win exciting prizes. The main highlight of the event is that the people can also win airline tickets. 

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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