Trinidad police arrests mini-mart robbery suspects, recovers stolen vehicle and firearm. PC: TTPS FB Page

Trinidad police arrests mini-mart robbery suspects, recovers stolen vehicle and firearm

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Trinidad and Tobago: Acting swiftly upon the received information, the Police officials arrested the mini-mart Oropune Gardens, Piarco robbery suspect during the weekend. After the arrest, the officers recovered a firearm and a stolen vehicle from the suspect.

According to the details shared by the police department the incident of robbery was occurred around 8:15 AM on May 31, 2024 at a mini-mart near Oropune Gardens, Piarco, while the store was being opened for the day.

The owner of the mini-mart with wet eyes shared, “it was around 8:00 in the morning and as per the daily routine I was opening the store.” He observed a silver Toyota Corolla parked in front of the store with 3 men sitting in the car.

After a few minutes, 3 of the men come out of their car with faces covered, one armed with a firearm and another wielding a cutlass. The 3 suspects attacked the mini-mart, started giving threats and announced a robbery while tying the owner.

Further, after threatening, the victim (mini-mart owner) was relieved of $400 in cash and an iPhone valued at $8000. After the stealing, they took him to an adjoining house, where he was tied up. Continuing the reign of terror, the 3 attackers tied up another man who was already inside the house at the time and relieved him of $30,000 in cash.

As the suspects left the area, the victims informed the police immediately and as the officers arrived at the scene they observed the silver Toyota Corolla, with false number plates, parked at the front of the mini-mart.

After interviewing the second victim, the officers were directed to an area of the house where they found a silver and black Smith and Wesson Pistol fitted with a magazine containing 12 rounds of 9-millimeter ammunition, which was seized for further investigation.

The police officers’ swift action led to the arrest of one suspect, a man from Deigo Martin, while the others were able to make escape.

After the arrest and seizure, the additional checks revealed that both the firearm and vehicle that the police have found were stolen during a home invasion in the Arima District on 28th May, 2024.

The officers revealed that the investigations are continuing into the matter, and promised the victims about strict action on the one arrested and a prompt action on the other two as well.