Trinidad and Tobago: Taxi fare to increase by $1 from March 15, 2022

Trinidad and Tobago: Taxi fare to increase by $1 from March 15

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Trinidad and Tobago: The President of the West-End Taxi Association, Andy Clinton, February 23, 2022 announced that the taxi fare on the route of Tobago will be increased by $1 from March 15, 2022.

After March 15, the people travelling from Taxis will have to pay extra fare in Trinidad and Tobago. Clinton further noted that the decision would be finalized after having a meeting with taxi drivers. According to the schedule, the meeting between the taxi drivers will be held this weekend, in which different aspects of the increment in the taxi fare will be discussed.

President Clinton stated that “We should meet the president of the east taxi drivers association, which would regularise the prices and what we are step, the association will provide the information about the further decisions.”

So far, the taxi travellers have to pay the taxi fare of worth $8 from Scarborough to parts of Canaan/Bon in Tobago, which would be now increased to $9. Meanwhile, the travelling fare from Scarborough to Crown Point will be increased to $10 and from Pigeon Point will be increased to $16.

Clinton further stated that West-End Taxi Association has taken the decision because of the rise of the cost of maintenance of the vehicle, which should be collected from the taxi fares.

He further emphasised that the novel coronavirus has severely impacted the industry and it has faced a huge setback as during COVID-19 the taxi operators used to carry two passenger a time, due to the protocols of the viral illness which have halted the income of the taxi operated at a huge pace.