Trinidad and Tobago takes steps to strengthen childcare and protection system

Trinidad and Tobago takes steps to strengthen childcare and protection system

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: The Ministry with Responsibility for Gender and Child Affairs and the National AIDS Coordination Committee has shared update about Proclamation of Sections 3 (11) and (2), and 17 of the Children’s Community Residences, Foster Care and Nurseries Act Chap. 46:04.

As per the press release shared by Trinidad and Tobago, the Government has once again demonstrated its commitment to implementing a robust and fully integrated childcare and protection system by ensuring all children in the care of the state are housed in licensed children’s homes.

It added that at a media conference, held on June 30, 2023, Ayanna Webster-Roy, Minister with responsibility for Gender and Child Affairs, announced that after eight years, the Government has agreed for the Attorney General to take the necessary steps for the “Proclamation of Sections 3D and the Crew’s Community Residences, Foster Care and Nurseries Act, Chap 46.04 (the Act)”.

The respective sections of the Act will come into effect on July 1, 20121. Minister Webster-Roy has called on the public to be duty bearers, reiterating that childcare and protection is everybody’s business and therefore the effective implementation of the legislation and policies for the well-being of children is a collective responsibility.

The media release further claimed that in her statement, she articulated that the proclamation alone would not solve the ongoing problem, slating “we just now have in place for fully comprehensive and operational licensing regime but at what we should work towards is ensuring that no child should be in a children’s home”. As she pleaded for children’s rights so be respected, protected and promoted, she also indicated that “child abuse is too common and we need as a people to do better?”. As she thanked all stakeholders, she reaffirmed her count to working together to address gaps in the childcare system.

The Gender and Child Affairs Divisions will continue to collaborate with the Standing Committee on Child Protection, the Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago other key stakeholder in facilitating the rights and well-being of children as we establishing a safer Trinidad and Tobago for all.