Trinidad and Tobago received 8,00,000 Sinopharm vaccines from China

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The 8,00,000 Vaccine doses of Sinopharm that Trinidad and Tobago purchased from China arrived on the island on Tuesday. The Health Ministry said that the vaccines would be used to speed up the implementation of the national covid19 vaccine deployment plan.

The ministry said that the vaccines were given from Beijing Institue of Biological Products Co Ltd. 2 doses of Sinopharm have been required for getting fully vaccinated. This means that 400,000 people can be fully vaccinated in the upcoming months.


The vaccines were received by Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh, Foreign and Caricom Affairs Minister Dr Amery Browne and Chinese Ambassador to TT Fang Qui.

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh said that the Alitalia aircraft has just landed in T.T. with 800,000 doses of WHO-approved Sinopharm vaccines obtained for the people of our nation.

Fang expressed that he is satisfied with the arrival of 8,00,000 doses of Sinopharm vaccines delivered. This is the most giant batch of covid19 vaccines to the region, adding the total of donation and acquisition of Chinese vaccines in T.T. to 1.1 million doses.

He said that he believes it would facilitate T&T’s large vaccination drive and reopening. China has committed to contributing to global vaccine accessibility and standing with T.T. to end the COVID-19 pandemic soon.

The ministry said the government of T.T. has been committed to saving the health of the people of Trinidad and Tobago and would continue to provide safe and effective World Health Organization approved covid19 vaccines for T.T.

He said 100,000 vaccines would be distributed to the 109 health centres across the countries, with another 15,000 vaccines to be distributed to 64 sentinel physicians who had been assisting the government with other vaccinations.

Deyalsingh said the food and beverage sector, janitorial companies, tertiary institutions, religious leaders, funeral homes, the Diabetes Association and Coalition on NCDs the supermarket, pharmacy, manufacturing, construction, and banking sectors would receive additional allocations of vaccines, as well as special groups such as the blind, deaf, and those with autism and cerebral palsy would also be allocated vaccines.


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