Trinidad and Tobago Police Service awarded for road safety achievements

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The Trinidad and Tobago Police received accolades for improving safety and security measures on the road and reducing the road accident rate by 50% in 2021. The award was presented to the TTPS for its remarkable achievements on Friday, 5th January 2024.

Notably, the Ministry of Works and Transport’s Woodside Energy, Road Safety award was received by the Commissioner of Police, Erla Harewood-Christopher on behalf of the authorities of the island nation.

The award to the commissioner was presented by the President of Arrive Alive, Sharon Ingelfield at the Police Administration Building, Port of Spain.

It is to be noted, the award has been granted to the police service of the island nation because Trinidad and Tobago is one of the 10 nations worldwide which managed to reduce fatalities by 50% in the year 2021.

The award presentation is held on an annual basis by Arrive Alive. However, the event could not take place in the year 2022 and the ceremony was held in 2023. The awards were presented on Friday, 5th January, 2024.

Moreover, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch obtained 27 awards for their outstanding and excellent performances in traffic enforcement, leadership in Road safety, special efforts in road safety education through community engagement, dedication to road safety in the line of duty as well as a group award was also granted to the Motor Cycle Section.

Commissioner of Police Harewood-Christopher and Ingelfield conducted talks after the awards ceremony. The representatives of both the agencies talked about working together in order to promote and boost the safety initiatives enforcement and developing a working relationship with the victim and the Witness Support Unit and their programmes.

The residents of the Trinidad and Tobago shared their views on this, one person with the Facebook handle named as Kameel Ali said “Great achievement. However, we need the crime reduction award this year to her. Sit and make a master plan. I know you guys can do it.”

While another person commented the following, “Wasn’t 2021 when most of the country was on lockdown and working from home because of Covid. But good job.”

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