Weather update of Eastern Trinidad and Tobago. (Credits: Weather Updates by Cherrelle, Facebook)

Trinidad and Tobago likely to experience moderate rainfalls

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: Eastern Trinidad and Tobago may witness light to moderate rain once again as an area of convergence persists over the Windwards and mainly to the east of the country.

During the passage of night, there would be a chance of increasing rainfall across the eastern half of Trinidad and Tobago, where soils are already drenched, but it is not limited to only that area.

All the major rivers across the island were contained within their banks at this time.

Notably, a deep-layered trough system is forecasted across the Lesser Antilles to maintain the unsteady conditions in the region.

This trough system is likely to communicate with the Intertropical Convergence Zone South of T&T with the possible heavy showers and isolated heavy thunderstorms.

The consequences would lead to street or flash flooding, which will be a matter of concern on a daily basis, accompanied by gusty winds with violent rainfall.

Estimated weather update for the next five days

  1. Rainfall
    Between 25 and 75 millimetres of rainfall is forecasted across the T&T, especially across the eastern Trinidad and Tobago trending across the east. In isolated areas, there is the possibility of spreading rainfall up to 150 millimetres. In highly isolated thunderstorms and showers, the rainfall for 24 hours could exceed 50 millimetres.
  1. Saharan Dust
    Notably, there will be little or no Sahara Dust forecasted across the T&T for the next five days.
  1. Hazards
    The main Hazard into the weekend has its origin from heavy showers and thunderstorms, which will produce cloud-to-ground lightning. The gusty winds could exceed up to 50 KM/H; however, the concerns are low now, and eastern river basins will be monitored closely. Landslides are possible in the northern and southern Trinidad as the week progresses.
  1. Marine
    Seas are likely to be moderate, with waves in open waters generally reaching as high as 2.0 meters throughout the week. In covered areas, waves are forecasted to be up to 1.0 meters and heavy thunderstorms.

It is to be noted that Trinidad and Tobago is NOT under any tropical storm or hurricane threat, watch or warming at this time.