Trinidad and Tobago delegation visits Vidhan Soudha in Karnataka, India
Trinidad and Tobago delegation visits Vidhan Soudha in Karnataka, India

Trinidad and Tobago: High Commission of India in Trinidad and Tobago shared a glimpse of the delegation visiting Karnataka, India. The social media post by the HC of Trinidad and Tobago noted, “Our friends from Trinidad and Tobago are among the participants of the 63rd Know India Programme (KIP) visiting Vidhan Soudha, Karnataka.”

While expressing pleasure in visiting the beautiful land of India, the social media post stated, “Visiting India is a lifetime opportunity to know the world of India, live India, explore India, experience India, and bring a bit of India back home. India welcomes you!”


India and Trinidad and Tobago have enjoyed friendly diplomatic relations since Trinidad, and Tobago gained independence in 1962. India has been a major source of technical and financial assistance to Trinidad and Tobago, and the two countries have held regular high-level exchanges. Trinidad and Tobago has a high-level Indian community as well as is home to a large number of Indian-origin professionals, entrepreneurs and students.

The two countries have also signed several agreements in the areas of education, culture, and science and technology. The Indian government has provided substantial technical and financial assistance to Trinidad and Tobago, including grants for infrastructure and industrial projects, such as the construction of the Point Lisas Industrial Estate, which is now a major industrial hub in the Caribbean. India has also provided assistance in the areas of education, health and renewable energy.

In July 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Trinidad and Tobago for a two-day official visit, during which he held talks with Prime Minister Keith Rowley and addressed the Trinidad and Tobago Parliament. During his visit, he also announced a new development project for the country that includes setting up a new hospital, a technical college and a skills training centre. The two countries also have a strong trade relationship.

India is one of the top ten destinations for Trinidad and Tobago’s exports, with the country exporting a range of commodities, including petroleum, petroleum products, chemicals and fertilizers to India. India is also a major destination for Trinidad and Tobago’s services exports, with a growing number of Indians visiting the country for business and leisure.

India and Trinidad and Tobago share a long history of close diplomatic relations, which are set to continue and strengthen in the future. The two countries have a strong cultural and economic bond, and the Indian diaspora in Trinidad and Tobago is a major contributor to the country’s economy.

With continued cooperation and support from both sides, the diplomatic ties between India and Trinidad and Tobago are only set to get stronger in the years to come.