Travel enthusiast’s quest for Antigua and Barbuda's best 35th birthday celebration
Travel enthusiast’s quest for Antigua and Barbuda's best 35th birthday celebration

St John’s, Antigua and Barbuda: A travel enthusiast named Vic Mundt has asked the general public of Antigua and Barbuda about the top travel destinations in the Caribbean nation to celebrate her 35th birthday. She posted some questions in the Antigua Tourists Group.

She outlined, “My husband and I are planning a week-long trip to Antigua in early December 2024 to celebrate my 35th birthday. Before we book, we’d like to get some seasoned Antigua travellers’ opinions, as we have never been!”


She added, “We’ve been exploring places to stay and are leaning towards Coco’s, but we’re also considering a split stay at Cocos and then possibly Sandals or Galley Bay (Swim-Up Bar vs Rum Shack is what we’re torn between).”

She further expressed that her husband wants to do some shore fishing, and they want to go to Shirley Heights for sure (and possibly the Donkey Sanctuary?).

She also presented questions, which are as follows:
1. Places good for shore fishing? (I have severe motion sickness, so deep-sea fishing is out.)
2. Are there any great Bars with extensive rum collections on the island (close to Cocos would be a huge plus)?
3. Are there any other excursions we should be considering?
4. Thoughts on a split stay or single hotel/resort? Are there any other hotels/resorts we should be considering?

She furthermore expressed that adults only are the hard requirement, and Hubs prefers AI. I’m not looking for a party, just some good food, good drinks and time in the sun on a nice beach. “Resort cats are a bonus (haha). Our favourite resort is Couples Swept Away in Jamaica- if you’ve been there, we would love to get your opinion on any places with a similar vibe,” she mentioned.

Additionally, she expressed, “Thank you so much in advance for any wisdom shared!”

One of the Antiguan and Barbadians replied to her post and suggested, “Sandals has a beautiful beach and a cosy walk-up bar on the beach, they have private pools, it is small but nice. English Harbor is nice but quiet, with lots of history. I think the best bet for fishing is to hire a local guide for some inland shore fishing around the mangroves. Antigua is not known for Rum… but is known for their friendly people and beauty.”


Yet another replied, “I have family in Antigua and have visited the donkey sanctuary many times. You will certainly enjoy it. They have a page on Facebook as well. As far as Rum goes, do buy some aged English Harbour rum. It’s better than the Cavalier.”

The third person mentioned, “We loved Cocos Hotel!!! The food was great. Beach beautiful! Had a sunset pool room and LOVED it! Bought lunch from Lobster Man one day on the beach. (Reserve the day before, and he delivers to sun chairs!) You can also go for a sunset sail with a guy just down the beach. Shirley Heights was awesome! Beautiful views! We stayed a week there, then a week hopping AirBNBs around the island. Enjoyed the Stingray City tour. Devil’s Bridge was cool when we finally found it after parking! Not really a Sandals person… Ate lunch right by there. Did the circumnavigation tour. I enjoyed it, but a lot of sites were prettier from shore (Devil’s Bridge, for sure!) Spend a few days in Barbuda at a great house and LOVED it! Would have stayed longer!!! Kinda 3rd world country vibes, though! Not a lot of food markets! But got seven fresh lobsters for $20! Thought we were buying 2!”