Antigua and Barbuda: Agriculture Ministry hails members after completion of training course in China

Antigua and Barbuda: Agriculture Ministry hails members after completion of training course in China

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St John’s, Antigua and Barbuda: The Antigua Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs hailed the four members of the Agricultural Extension Division, who successfully completed their training course on the “Technology of Agricultural Water-saving Irrigation for Developing Countries.”

Accordingly, the course was being held in Beijing, China and was scheduled to happen from August 9 to 29, 2023. The Ministry of Agriculture of Antigua and Barbuda was represented by Miss Anika Aska, Mr Joel Matthew, Mr Victor Wade (Extension Officers) and Mr Ayo Simon (Backyard-garden facilitator).

The training course was hosted by the Chinese Academy of Agriculture Mechanization Sciences (CAAMS). The Agricultural Ministry of China informed the general public that in China, CAAMS is known for agricultural modernization, agricultural engineering technology, research and strategic planning and international cooperation. It was sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

Reportedly, the course was not just about training but also covered various other components, including theoretical engagements, practical and procedural applications, such as several field visits, and a presentation session where each participant had to deliberate on different topics.

As per the Agricultural Ministry of Antigua and Barbuda, the quadruple team outlined that this exercise was a good one and further recommended others to come forward and attend such events. The participants further mentioned that being natives of a small island developing state and already executing locally pertaining to “Water Conservation and Harvesting,” they got to know that they are on the right track of preserving and safeguarding.

They further mentioned that another important focus of the meeting was “Food Security.” The course shed light on the importance of ‘storage’ and highlighted how it holds an essential place in order to achieve food security.

Along with this, the course also mentioned the importance of the relationship between water and food production. The four participants of the Agriculture Ministry of Antigua and Barbuda stated that unanimously, all partners agreed that water is an integral necessity for Food Production and that, locally, there is much more to be achieved in this regard.