Trafalgar Twin Falls, most accessible and beautiful site in Dominica

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Roseau, Dominica: Trafalgar Twin Falls is one of the must-visit tourist sites. There are so many tourist attractions that grab the attention of people around the world. Trafalgar Twin Falls offer great views to people arriving in the country.

The Trafalgar Twin Falls is located on the west side of Morne Trois Pitons National Park. It is the most accessible site in the country that can be visited just by an easy 20-minute hike through the forest in the Capital Roseau. And, for the short access, it just takes a 10 to 15-minute hike via a well-maintained pathway.

“One of the amazing sites in the Nature Island, this trip can easily be paired with visits to other relatively nearby sites like the hot spas at Wotten Waven or the Freshwater Lake in Laudat,” mentioned one of the tourism-promoting social media handles, Discover Dominica.

Through such a statement, the tourism promoting page has also spotted light on the nearby attractions that allure the citizens to come, visit and explore the country.

Considerably, the Trafalgar Falls is the blend of both Mama and Papa falls which are shorter and taller falls respectively. On the left-hand side, there is a father fall and on the right-hand side, there is a mother fall. As of the relation, they both give birth to various water basins and streams at the base complementing each other’s beauty.

Trafalgar Falls offers hot and cool springs that further offer a relaxed soak. As it is the blend of warm pools flowing at the base of Papa Falls and the cooler pool by Mama Falls, the contrast is loaded with various minerals. The fall as well offers scenic views, located in the lush rainforests near hot and cold springs.

The luxurious offerings make the site the most loved by the visitors. And, not only offers the beauty but also enrich their taste buds with local foods and cuisines near the waterfall.

George Henry
George Henry
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