Tourism Trinidad partners with Angostura Limited to promote local culture among international visitors

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The Tourism Authority of Trinidad partnered with Angostura Limited on Thursday, 18th April 2024 in order to support the cultural night of activities for the Global Distributors Forum that took place at the BRIX Autograph Collection Hotel. The main vision behind it is to promote the unique and vibrant culture and traditions of the island nation among the visitors.

The international visitors from 30 different nations across the globe attended the event and explored the rich cultural heritage of the country. Visitors from various countries attended the event, which includes, China, the USA, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, South Africa, Ukraine and many more.

All the attendees of the event were offered several amenities in order to make their visit to Trinidad and Tobago comfortable and memorable. The attendees were provided a treat by displaying the traditional carnival characters. They were served delicious local cuisines that promoted the local flavours and ingredients of the country.

Along with that, the tourism authority hosted several exciting activities in order to offer them a night filled with pure entertainment.

Moreover, in the last few months, the tourism authority of Trinidad and Tobago has taken continuous measures in order to elevate the tourism sector of the country. Notably, the island nation welcomed 177,579 passengers to the island nation in 2023/2024 via cruise. Such an increase in the number of travellers reflects the unwavering commitment and dedication of the authority towards promoting the economic conditions of the nation.

The tourism authority ensured that all the disembarked passengers were offered the best services, making them revisit the country. Moreover, they are also promoting beautiful hot-spot destinations with a vision to attract more international visitors to the country.

The country will also be hosting 6 games of ICC T20 World Cup 2024 which will further play a huge role in bringing a large number of visitors to the country. The entire schedule of the matches that will take place in Trinidad and Tobago includes,

12th June – West Indies vs New Zealand

13th June – Afghanistan vs Papua New Guinea

14th June – New Zealand vs Uganda

17th June – New Zealand vs Papua New Guinea

27th June – Semi-Final

28th June – Reserve

The tourism authority is excited to welcome all the cricket enthusiasts to the country and offer them a plethora of experiences. The development in the tourism sector always plays a crucial role in enhancing the economic conditions, generating huge amounts of revenues for the development of the nation.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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