The Sand Barbados offers exciting discount to guests

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Barbados: The Sand Barbados offers an exciting holiday for 2025 with special offers which are limited till December 17, 2023.

Resort, The Sand Barbados is surrounded by the picture perfect sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Such a view in the surroundings offer the best to the eyes and soul. The beauty of the resort is not just limited to its location but also lies within. As, the stylish suits and dining of the resort makes it stand out from the queue.

To explore such a beautiful place, individuals can book their stay at the place from May 1 to May 15, 2025 as the offers are available during the departures between these days only. This includes a 7 nights stay based on two adults sharing one bedroom garden or a pool suite.

Special Offers

There are several special offers till December 17, 2023 which include:

  • 20% hotel discount
  • Free Room Upgradation
  • This even includes direct flights from various places having different costs.

The flights from London Heathrow with Virgin Atlantic hold the price from £1799 per person. Whereas the price for the direct flights from Manchester with Aer Lingus is £1899 per person.

Moreover, one indirect flight is also part of this offer that is from Glasgow with British Airways from £1899 per person. This exceptional offer is bound to offer an extremely interesting and exciting stay to all the individuals who wish to stay.

Most Importantly, the offers are only available till December 17, 2023 and no bookings after this particular date will get all above-mentioned offers. One can book their stay at the place by contacting the resort at 02036038930.

Looking at the facilities and fun that a place can offer

The resort delivers stylish and contemporary living amid a shimmering bay and tropical gardens which offers the relaxing feels to the people staying there. Also, the place has stunning dining options through two restaurants and bars.

Further, it has a perfect playground for watersports and snorkeling lovers. Interestingly, the place provides an opportunity to enjoy free of cost learning lessons for scuba diving.

One of the travel consultants also shared the glimpses of the resort which evidently shows the beauty this place holds. The charming resort commits to provide the complete essence of the beauty of the country.

Pool Suite at the Resort, credits to Sarah King Facebook Page
Pool Suite at the Resort, credits to Sarah King Facebook Page
Glance of restaurant area, credits to Sarah King Facebook Page
Pool Suite at the Resort, credits to Sarah King Facebook Pag

Such eye catching glances provide the clear description of what a place can offer. This as well will attract more and more guests to the place which ultimately will lead towards the increased tourism to the region.

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