SVG records two homicides, recovers two burnt bodies in Park Hill

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Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines: The police have recovered two burnt bodies (Human remains) in the North Central Windward community of Park Hill on Monday, marked two homicides in SVG.

The residents of the surrounding areas informed police about the incident. The investigating officers responded to the matter and arrived at the scene.

According to the information, the bodies were burnt to a great extent, which did not make it even evident if the incinerated bodies were of males or mixed sexes. The police have already begun their investigation regarding the matter.

The further investigations helped the officers to identify the victims. They were recognised as the residents of Park Hill, namely Talvert Smart and Mervin Barker.

The police highlighted that in the beginning it was discovered that the bodies were not burnt at the place (Park Hill), where they were found. The evidence being considered for such a finding is because of the vegetation of area which is not consistent with burning.

If sources are to be believed, it has been said that the police recovered the burnt bodies near the back of the abandoned building. The residents claimed that there are still some houses which are not habited in the vicinity.

It raises a question of the actual place where this terrifying incident took place. The incident marked the suspicious double homicide in the Park Hill. The police department is investigating the matter and urged people with any information to come forward and assist the officers in their inquiries.

The news has been spread to the social media (Facebook) and many people around the nation expressed their concern for citizen’s security and extended grief for the deceased. Some of the comments read as,

“Why so much killing and fighting? Don’t we all have enough problems in and around the world”, quoted one FB user.

“This is total madness, after our country is developing on tourism, no one want to here about crimes all the time. This need to stop the killers need to bring to justice, life in prison. These serial killers need to be put down. This is very upsetting and shameful”, commented another.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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